The beginning.

The first post.

My first foray into blogging; the internet; the public domain.

This is very intimidating.

I’ve written and re-written this first post about half a dozen times.  Certainly, this needs to be epic.  The first post needs to be fantastic, and inspiring, and interesting.  It needs to draw my reader in, so they will want to check back in and read more.

Truthfully…..I have no readers.  I JUST STARTED MY BLOG (duh.)

I don’t know what to expect myself.  I’VE NEVER BLOGGED BEFORE (obviously.)

I’m not sure what the tone of my writing will be.  I’M NOT A PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR (as if there was any doubt.)

So I’ve decided to stop beating myself up about making the perfect blog post.  And I’m just going to put this out there, so (finally) the first one is done.  And hope that things improve and get better from this point on out.

One thing, before I go.  I think I should introduce myself.  My name is Christina (aka Sunny).  This is my blog.  Written by me.  For me.  About me.  About my (sometimes-sunny) moments in life.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope you check back in again.  (Whoever you are.)


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